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By experiencing the world through the eyes of the stigmatised in realistic virtual reality environments, Empathy VR offers engaging and emotion evoking workplace training courses in soft-skills and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI).


Many times more impactful than traditional training courses. Empathy VR is accessed online and on demand, making it more time and cost effective as well.   

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Reduce Stigma
and Discrimination by Increasing Empathy

Empathy VR is an educational virtual reality tool that increases its user’s level of empathy towards minority groups by allowing them to experience first-hand what it is like to face and work through prejudice, discrimination and stigma as a gender, ethnic, or sexual minority person.

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Minority Mental Health Awareness

Interactive mental health awareness training courses focused on women, LGBTQ+ people and racial/ethnic minority groups.

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Psychological Methods

Established psychological frameworks and methods used to elicit emotional responses proven to increase empathy and emotional intelligence.

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VR Technology

Using virtual reality, embodiment and perspective taking to immerse users in stories depicting stigma and discrimination towards minority people.

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Our Partners

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The Global Challenge



Global movement of labor and trade is leading to an increase in inequality within developed countries.  



Severe political polarization is shaking societies across the world, from new democracies to long established ones.

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Hate Crimes

Hate crimes are on the rise in many developed countries, in particular towards trans people and ethnic minorities. 

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Employee Mental Health & Wellbeing

Companies are looking for innovative cost- and time-effective ways of improving employee mental health and wellbeing, as a healthy workforce is happier, better at collaborating, and more productive.

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Ineffective soft-skills
& EDI Training

Most soft-skills and equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) training does not significantly change employee behavior and any minor positive effects are typically only short-term. 


Attract & Retain
Diverse Talent

A diverse, open and inclusive workplace is an increasingly important factor for talented and sought-after employees, which is key for companies to stay competitive and successful.

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The Workplace Problem

Increased empathetic attitudes towards women and minority groups are consistently demonstrated to improve wellbeing, decrease experiences of minority stress, and promote healthier and more accessible workplaces. Increased empathy also improves teamwork, increases productivity, and boosts organisational growth by attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

Empathy VR will launch in 2024

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